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Cardiwest Dennis Dmenace



UPDATE - December 7th 2018: 18.6kg and he is looking great. That means he has lost almost 5kg since he has been with us. It is really not hard to keep their weight under control. Our dogs all enjoy treats but the size of the treat is what is important. The same principle applies with meals - eat anything, but keep the portions small. From a dog's point of view, it is not the size that is important; it is getting the treat that is paramount.

UPDATE - November 2018: Dennie is now 19.1 kg and is looking much better. He is more active and really enjoys people company.

INTRO: September 5th 2018: Dennie was returned to us when his owners were placed in full time care. He is a loving boy who gets on well with people but would have to be in a situation where he is the only dog. Dennie was grossly overweight when he was returned to us but is now a more respectable 19.5 kg. He is very healthy and has always kept very fit. Dennie is an older dog and will be 12 at the end of the year. Because of his age anyone wanting him will need to be aware that their time with him will not be overly long. Cardigans generally have a life expectancy of 12 - 15 years. Dennie's dad lived to 14 years and his mother lived to 16 years.



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