Vale – Gundimyan Roger Ramjet
Sire: Westrova SS Strauss
Dam: Cameoroyale Bedriska
Whelped: 24 June 1999


At the GRC Veterans Parade 19-10-2013


Banjo is a Golden Retriever who thinks he is a Cardigan; just a bit taller and paler. An all round lovable bear who has decided to proceed at his own pace in Obedience; he is easily distracted. He had a few small wins in the Show Ring but is much happier staying at home, retrieving Dad’s slippers and playing with puppies. Banjo loves people and thinks that every visitor to the house has come especially to see him. He is the most amazing puppy baby sitter. Once the puppies are old enough to be outside, he starts to teach them how to play, modifying his own movements to accommodate theirs, a remarkable achievement given the difference in size. It is with a very sad heart that we had to say “Goodbye” to Banjo on 10th October 2014. He was 15 and was just too tired to stay. We miss you so much, our beautiful boy, and look forward to meeting you at Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our thoughts; always in our hearts.

Pedigree of “Vale – Gundimyan Roger Ramjet”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Westrova SS Strauss     


Tiptree Tequss Trooper

 Oaklodge Strauss
Tiptree Tahmfeva Tequila
Myrmidon Swifts Ariadan Aust Ch NZ Grd Ch Caldicot Swift (Imp NZ)
Myrmidon Golden Galadriel


Cameoroyale Bedriska

Aust Ch Clairedoree Samir Aust Ch Dancingate Isis Andre CD
Dancingate Tarsus Carol
Cameoroyale Aleydis Dancingate Titians Jaim
Saragold Cameo